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        WENZHOU RONGXIN HARDWARE PRODUCT CO.,LTD  Powered by:www.300.cn      浙ICP備05035370號

        TIRE GAUGE             
        KNEE PADS       
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        Tel :86-577-67307666   67307669
        Fax: 86-577-67307667   67398008
        rxxjz@vip.163.com  rongxin@rongxintool.com



        Quality makes development and management makes benefits

        Quality makes development and management makes benefits

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        Rongxin obtains an area of 6000 square meters,more than 300 employees and an annual output of 10 million sets.Our products encompass more than 100 varieties of three series of zinc alloy utility knives,plastic u-tility knives and tire gauges.Also,we are capable to develop new products with a specific structure according to your requirements.For the past decades of years,Rongxin has been sticking to the tenet of " Quality makes development and management makes benefits;go for a sustaining development and satisfying customers."and taking quality as the foundation of an e-nterprise.We attach an importance to talent,adoption an technical innovation.We obtain a strong ability of developing new products.Rongxin products sell well in many countries and regions such as America,Canada,England and Turkey,etc.

        Rongxin Hardware